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Body Detoxification

Detox is known as body cleanse service, which removes toxins inside your body by applying a combination of different methods.

Full body detoxification safely and naturally cleanses your body by using foods that provide vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants to deeply cleanse your internal organs, which, keeps your body healthy and in good shape.

Experiencing the

Detox purifies the body

Experiencing the DETOX programs at Kawara My An Onsen Resort helps you reconnect with yourself, get closer to the nature, boost your immune system, reduce bad fats and live healthier! The food abstention program for deep-cleansing at My An hot mineral springs with the experience of Japanese onsen bath, spa and outdoor physical activities bring you a peaceful and relaxing vacation for a full refreshment of your body. Be meditative and relaxing to feel your well-being from the inside.


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